Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks

15 Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks From Appearing On Your Skin

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Many women today are very concerned about stretch marks. The best solution is usually preventing them before they occur. It can prove a difficult task to know where or where they might show up, therefore you will need to know about stretch marks and why they occur.

Stretch marks usually appear as the skin’s tissue underneath the surface expands quickly than the skin itself. The result of this is tiny tears on the skin. In this case, stretch marks are scars that are formed to essentially protect the skin. You need to know your body to effectively prevent the formation of stretch marks.

stretch marks during pubertyIt is quite unfortunate that some people start to develop stretch marks during their puberty, as their skin stretches to accommodate the widening hips and breasts. In many cases, the teenager will not report this to anyone, and worse, they won’t even notice them develop. The parent may be the only person who can help them prevent stretch marks during this time.

In addition, pregnant women are also target victims of stretch marks, and most of these will try all ways possible to prevent them. This is a natural occurrence since their breasts and belly will expand. However, this doesn’t mean that they should settle and just let stretch marks grow. It is possible to prevent them before they appear, only if the correct ways are followed.

Rapid weight gain is also a major cause of stretch marks. Unfortunately, most people gaining weight are often in denial and do not see the need of worrying about stretch marks. The moment they start losing weight, is the time they start worrying about them, and will try to prevent stretch marks at all costs. This is the case for both women and men.

How Can You Prevent Stretch marks?

The first step is establishing the areas of your body that are likely to be affected. Girls in puberty may notice them in their hips and breasts, and in the same way, pregnant women are likely to notice them on their belly, hips, and breasts. People who are rapidly gaining or losing weight are likely to notice them on the various parts of the body where the weight is gained or lost. It is therefore important to take note of these priceless pointers, which will help you prevent costly stretch marks before they appear.

1. Create an Effective Skin Care Program

using stretch marks creamTo effectively prevent stretch marks, you need to develop a skin care routine. Make the program as simple as possible, and try to stick with it to the letter. Avoid complicating it.

A simple routine can be easily followed on a daily basis, and can prove to be far more effective when compared to the other complicated and cumbersome programs, which are often likely to be followed on a hit and miss basis.

2. Monitor Your Body Weight

Try to keep your body weight at the recommended healthy levels. Gaining more weight is just going to worsen the problem. Don’t forget that your skin has the ability to stretch and flex naturally without causing damage to the skin tissue. However, rapid body weight changes may over-stretch the skin beyond the elasticity limits. This causes tears and scars as a result. Monitor you weight at all costs, and avoid sudden changes to your weight.

For those in a diet, moderation is key. Choose a diet or a weight loss plan that promote a slow and gradual weight loss. This will minimize the trauma exerted to the skin, allowing it to adjust better to the weight changes. This in turn helps to lower the likelihood of stretch marks appearing.

3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The proper hydration of the skin is a key element, when it comes to staying healthy and preventing stretch marks. As your skin experiences tension in the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks areas, it might become more sensitive. Because of this, you may experience itching sensation as well as pressure as the skin expands. Use a high quality body lotion to relieve some of these symptoms. This will also aid the skin to expand and flex more easily.

4. Eat Right

Eat RightStaying as healthy as possible is one of the best methods to prevent stretch marks. The skin is part of your body and with the right food and nutrients, your skin and your body can both stay healthy. A healthy skin can counter the various pressures and tensions exerted on it more effectively, and still remain radiant. It is therefore very important that you ensure you eat a balanced diet, and increase your daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, some foods can worsen the condition of your skin, and you therefore need to avoid them. Such foods are alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, too much sugar or salt in your diet, cigarettes, etc. try to eliminate such foods in your diet at all costs, to stay healthy, and prevent the tearing of your skin as it flexes or stretches.

5. Exercise

If you want to maintain a healthy body and skin, try to start an exercise program or routine. Make sure that the program is simple and that you can follow it on a daily basis without affecting your lifestyle. Exercise will help you to not only maintain a healthy body weight, but also deal with natural stretch marks that may have started forming already.

For pregnant women, it is very important that you continue with this regimen throughout your pregnancy. This will limit the weight your body gains, which will in turn limit the trauma as well as the overstretching of your skin. However, it is important that you check with your doctor first before you start.

6. Massage Your Skin

Massage Your SkinAlthough it is widely overlooked, a massage can help you prevent stretch marks from forming. You can do this by taking a massage glove or a gentle brush and then gently massaging the skin, especially the high-risk areas, which are generally your thighs and abdomen.

Massage works by stimulating the circulation around your skin, thereby promoting a more resilient and healthy skin tissue. Massaging creams and lotions onto the skin will also enhance their stretching and flexing capabilities, which will go a long way to prevent the formation of stretch marks. Going for professional massages is not only relaxing and fun, but also good for your skin.

7. Supplement Your Diet

If you think you are not getting all the nutrients and minerals from your daily diet, you can always supplement it. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, D, and E, and Zinc will all help your skin remain healthy and radiant. If you are using the supplements to lose weight, make sure that they will not result into a sudden weight loss.

Moreover, you should remember that supplements should not be the main means of action, but just an assistance. In addition, if you are on medication, ask your doctor first.

8. Get The Right Creams And Lotions For Your Skin

Is your skin normal, dry, or oily? It is important to know your skin type before purchasing your skin care products. Although there is no conclusive evidence to prove that a regular application of moisturizing lotions and creams have any effect on the reduction of stretch marks or general appearance of the skin, many women are convinced that this is the reason they didn’t get stretch marks, even during pregnancies.

Cream For Stretch Marks Products made with Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, as well as other natural ingredients are usually the best bet to prevent stretch marks. These products have exceptional abilities that essentially increase the elasticity of your skin. Many women swear on this!

Select creams that have Vitamin A, E, or Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs usually contain essential plant extracts, but it is a good idea to always check if it suitable for your skin type.

9. Know The Stretch Mark Target Areas

It is vital that you become aware of the areas commonly affected by stretch marks. During puberty, these areas include the hips, thighs, and breast. For pregnant women, these areas include the belly, the hips, breasts, and the thighs.

Target these areas during your exercise routine, through exercises such as aerobics, push-ups, and squats. Moisturizing and massaging these areas with the right creams will help you prevent stretch marks early enough. Don’t opt for expensive creams and expect them to work miracle, sometimes, the simplest of solutions work best. Olive oil is a favorite choice for many Mediterranean women, and it seems to work like magic!

10. Get a Tan

This is not about sitting in the sun, but a going for a fake tan. Sunless tanning is much safer than the actual tan, and this can help you cover up the existing stretch marks. A good sunless tanning lotion can offer some help but regular tanning from the sun won’t cover the marks.

11. Check Your Bathing Products

To effectively prevent stretch marks on your skin, you can try to wash your body only with “non-soap” cleanser that is pure and gentle. Go for hypoallergenic and herbal ones, as they are specifically made to enhance your skin.

12. Natural Home Remedies

Aloe VeraHome remedies to prevent and treat stretch marks are effective and relatively cheap. One of the best remedies is Aloe Vera. It has incredible effects on existing stretch marks and can also prevent more of them before they appear.

Home remedies are also painless and you just need time to look for ingredients.

13. Drinks Lots Of Water

Keeping your body hydrated at all times will go a long way in maintaining a healthy body and skin as well. Water will keep your skin soft and supple. Water aids in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body, as well as transportation of waste. Aim for about 8 ounce glasses per day.

14. Go Outside and Play

Outdoor sports and activities are not only fun, but also healthy. Games such as tennis are great for fitness, and can be a great way to start your exercise routine. The type of exercise or games for you will depend on you. However, remember that sweating is good for your skin, and the outside sun will also offer some tanning. Through this, you can get a more resilient but elastic skin, which will help prevent stretch marks.

15. Deal With Stretch Marks As Soon As They Appear

Although these tips will help you prevent stretch marks from appearing, there are no guarantees. Therefore, should stretch marks start to appear, deal with them as they do. You can use creams and lotions to heal them and even cover them up.