Basic Methods to Vanish Stretch Marks on the Body

  • Sumo

Coco Butter For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common to those who change body size and weight drastically. They can appear in any part of the body; particularly on the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. They are the result of stretched skin and pores. They appear as pink or red marks initially and fade with time. Though it is hard to vanish stretch marks completely, there are methods that you can do to hide them.

You should exfoliate your skin with the use of body wash and loofah. The old skin on the surface is normally removed when exfoliating. A new skin will be revealed with constant exfoliation of the skin. Thus, it will help make the stretch marks less evident.

Treating stretch marks using OTC scar fading treatments are recommended. Stretch marks are just scars, so scar treatments will work in fading stretch marks. These products can be used many times daily.

You can also apply cocoa butter on affected areas. Cocoa butter is known to enhance the suppleness of the skin and vanish stretch marks. It is proven to reduce existing stretch marks on the skin. The restorative properties of cocoa butter play an important role in whitening the skin.

You can also consult your physician about whitening products. Physicians know the right products to use in improving the visual appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Your physician also knows the ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Thus, they can prescribe a specific brand of the product.

Also, you can consult a dermatologist regarding chemical peels for the skin. Most of these chemicals are used for the face, but they are effective in other areas of the body too. These chemicals will react with the top layer of the skin and exfoliate them. The stretch marks become light in color after the skin heals.

Lastly, you should take into consideration laser treatments for stretch marks. The laser treatments these days are very efficient in getting rid of stretch marks. The actual light of the laser breaks the pigment in the stretch mark. Also, it stimulates collagen production so that the skin looks radiant. However, these treatments can be painful and may take few days to recoup from them. They are also expensive.