Stretch Mark Cream For Pregnant Women

Choosing A Good Stretch Mark Cream For Pregnant Women: What To Know

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Most women get stretch marks during the last trimester of their pregnancy. The skin is extended at maximum, thus causing the superficial layers to break and scar. These effects are permanent, but there are cases in which, proper topical treatments or laser interventions can diminish the stretch marks and give the skin back its beautiful and intact look.

What Pregnant Women Can Do Against Stretch Marks

Fist of all, when you find out that you are pregnant, you should start reading everything you can about pregnancy and about what you can expect during this period of about nine months. You need to learn about the transformations your body is going to suffer and about the most effective prevention methods for some of these transformations.

lanolin creamThe skin is naturally elastic, but it has its limits of elasticity. When it is extended beyond these limits, small fractures appear, causing reddish or purple stretch marks. In time, the color will fade, but the scars will be there to stay if you don’t do anything to help alleviate them.

Stretch marks are among the things that are influenced by genetics, but even if you have bad genes, you can still prevent or diminish the occurrence of stretch marks by using topical products during the entire pregnancy and especially over the last trimester, when the belly gets bigger and bigger with every day that passes.

The best stretch mark creams are those ones that have a high hydration factor. They need to be able to penetrate and nourish the skin, so that it preserves its natural elasticity even in extreme conditions. Lanolin and Q10 are among the most effective ingredients in such creams, but also Argan oil has a proven efficacy on improving the elasticity of the superficial tissues of the epidermis.

When you are pregnant, you should be aware that you need to observe the skin on your belly closely and always remember to put cream on it at least three times a day. Actually, rubbing your skin with nourishing products should be one of your main concerns if you want to avoid developing stretch marks.

How Pregnant Women Should Choose Their Stretch Mark Cream

clinicallyTestedWhen you are pregnant, you need to avoid getting in contact with any substance that may pass into your blood stream and harm the baby. Some active ingredients in skin creams can cause severe malformations to the fetus, therefore you should never ignore such warnings, because you may regret your decisions later on.

It’s best to buy only creams that were clinically and independently tested, with all ingredients clearly mentioned on the label and with a detailed product leaflet which should mention whether or not the product is indicated in case of pregnancy.

If you are in doubt about a product, ask your pharmacist or your physician. Never put anything on your body, unless you are 100% it is harmless for the baby.

If you think that it doesn’t matter what a cream contains, since you are only putting it on your skin and not ingesting it, you should learn that you are awfully wrong. The skin is our biggest organ and it is permeable to various substances, therefore the active ingredients in a stretch mark cream will pass into the blood stream and from there into the placenta and into your baby’s circulatory system. If an ingredient is harmful for the baby, you shouldn’t use that product because it is going to influence the health of your little one.

doctor When shopping for stretch mark creams, always read the labels, then consult your doctor before buying anything. Ask him specifically about the possible side effects on the baby. Only after the doctor says you are fine and the cream is harmless for the fetus can you proceed with buying and using it.

Always remember that once you got a good and trustworthy product that’s safe to use, you should take care that your belly is always treated, so that stretch marks don’t get any single chance to develop.

By doing this, you are going to have a beautiful tummy, even after multiple pregnancies. Of course, genetics plays an important role in all these, but a good care and a permanent attention to such details can defeat genetics.

If you can’t find a suitable product to prevent the stretch marks, you may want to consider after-birth treatments, be them topical or surgical, to remove or attenuate the scars. Anyway, before giving up your search, it’s best to get in touch with other moms or moms to be and ask them about the creams they use against stretch marks. You may have the pleasant surprise to discover awesome products you have never heard about before. Never underestimate the power of the word-of-mouth.