Lots of people search for effective methods to remove stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks are ugly scars that people get when the skin is stretched due to changes in weight and body. There are many stretch mark removal methods and choices that have been advised today. However, you need to understand that not all of these options will work for yourself efficiently.

Moreover, permanent removal of stretch mark is not realistically achievable. There are many home therapies and techniques that help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and stop them from building or getting worse.

Most people use topical treatment such as lotions and creams in managing stretch marks. There are many stretch mark removal lotions and creams that you can purchase over the counter. Moreover, these products are very affordable and are usually the first treatment that dermatologists will recommend for newly formed stretch marks. Stretch mark removal lotions, creams and gels, contain vitamin E and cocoa butter that are known to be effective in minimizing stretch marks.

Moreover, there are many organic ingredients that are helpful in minimizing stretch marks. Lots of people are using natural oil to manage stretch marks. Some of them can be applied directly to the skin, while others are active ingredients of lotions, creams and gels for stretch mark removal. Some of the well-known organic oil to manage stretch marks is lilac oil, argan oil and olive oil. However, treatment of stretch marks using creams and lotions takes a long period of time and requires consistency in application.

Meanwhile, people whose stretch marks are deep and severe need to consult a medical doctor or dermatologist before using any stretch mark removal product. This is because management of deep and severe stretch marks may need surgical intervention.

Amongst the best methods to remove stretch marks using cosmetic surgery is laser treatment. This process involves a laser light pointed to the area where stretch marks are present in order to eliminate the topmost layer of the skin slowly. This will lead to the elimination of the stretch mark cells that causes stretch marks. After the laser procedure, the body will start to restore and produce fresh cells to replace the eliminated scarred layers of the skin.

Laser therapy usually lasts about twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the situation and severity of stretch marks. For extremely severe cases of stretch marks, a person may need to undergo a number of laser treatments in order to see a positive result. However, redness of the skin or bump usually takes place after the treatment but will vanish after few hours.

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