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For Expectant Moms: 18 Ways to Protect Your Stretching Skin

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When you want to be sure that you are taking full advantage of preserving your body while you are pregnant, there a number of steps that you can take. If you provide yourself the opportunity to keep your skin healthy throughout the course of your pregnancy, you will have a better chance of loving what you see after the delivery. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to manifesting the stretching of skin that tends to happen when a woman carries a child for 9 months.

Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do in order to fight back against the stretching that occurs. The factors that contribute to stretching skin during a pregnancy are plentiful. These potential factors include your diet, the amount of weight that you put on, how you take care of your skin and the food and supplements that you put into your body. With this in mind, there are a number of steps that you can take to prevent your skin from becoming stretched. Keep these tips in mind and use them so that you can take great care of your skin during this life change.

1: Cocoa Butter

cocoa butterIf you are looking for a skin care product that is highly effective in stopping the stretching that occurs in your skin during pregnancy, look no further than cocoa butter.

It comes in a number of forms, including a lotion that you can spread across your skin, a specific application that is brought into your skin like therapy and a state of cocoa butter that is hard so that you can rub it across various parts of your body. This substance is healing to the skin and will allow it to remain incredibly moisturized, so that your skin always retains its tightness, firmness and healing power.

2: Apple Cider Vinegar

If you have paid attention to any sort of related literature throughout the years, quite obvious that Apple cider vinegar has become a wonder substance of such by many. Raw, organic vinegar contains a number of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that provide a plethora of benefits to the human body, whether it is ingested or applied to the skin.

Likewise, there’s another supplement a great method for mothers to use in order to protect their stretching skin during the course of a pregnancy. You can apply a little water and apple cider vinegar mix to your skin on a regular basis in order to help it retain its moisture and firmness throughout the course of your pregnancy. This will tremendously help you to avoid the stretching of your skin during that time.

3: Vitamin A

Vitamin A supplementYou can purchase vitamin A at any sort of drugstore and order to provide yourself with the supplements needed for your skin to thrive. Vitamin A contains building blocks that will help in the production and regeneration of your skin.

By adding the supplement to your diet, you will best be able to meet the benefits of excellent and healthy skin throughout the course of your pregnancy. You can take vitamin A supplements separately, or get a prescription for a high dosage prenatal vitamin that will provide you plenty of vitamin A throughout the course of any day.

4: Vitamin C

You might have heard about vitamin C’s benefit of helping the human body produce strong teeth and bones. However, what you might not have known is that vitamin C is excellent in helping people to have the healthy, glowing skin that they have always wanted.

While Vitamin C is found extensively in citrus fruit and leafy greens, you can also get your doctor to prescribe you a high quality prenatal vitamin. This doctor prescribed prenatal vitamin will be enriched with plenty of vitamin C, so that you are able to retain the strength of your skin to avoid stretch marks.

5: Vitamin E

vitamin E supplementsSupplementing your diet with plenty of vitamin E is another surefire strategy to protect your skin throughout the course of your pregnancy. Vitamin E is specifically used in the body to help regenerate cells.

This is incredibly important when it comes to creating new skin cells, so that your current skin will retain the strength and moisture that will help prevent you from developing stretch marks. As with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, ask your doctor for a prescription so that you can supplement your diet with Vitamin E in the high dosage form of a prenatal vitamin.

6: Fish Oil

Since stretch marks typically consist of skin that has undergone irritation, slight bruising and swelling, you should consider taking an anti-inflammatory. In that instance, you should look to all natural fish oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

This wonder supplement is packed with omega-3 fatty acids,  which are excellent and improving your skin condition and doing away with inflammation. For that reason, you should eat foods like salmon and take some dosages of fish oil caplets with food every single day.

7: Exercise

Pregnancy ExerciseWhile you probably understand that exercise helps keep your weight under control, is a little-known fact that getting plenty of exercise will help your skin retain its natural qualities and remain in its best condition.

With this means is that keeping up with a health and fitness plan will help you prevent the stretch marks and other unfortunate things that happen to your skin once you have given birth.

8: Water

Along with the need for plenty of diet and exercise comes the need for plenty of water when you are pregnant. Not only will this keep you hydrated, which retains energy and helps make your baby is healthy as it can be, but water will also keep your skin moist and will prevent stretch marks the long run.

Dehydration accounts for dry, dehydrated skin. What this means is that the more water you drink, the better chance you have of fighting those pesky stretch marks that tend to develop throughout the course of your pregnancy.

9: Sleep

lack of sleepA lack of sleep is about much more than just being tired for work the next day. Further, losing sleep means that your body is not getting the chance that he needs to continuously rebuilt and regenerate. So when you are not getting your eight hours of sleep per night,  it will have unfortunate repercussions on your skin.

So getting plenty of sleep will allow your body to continuously regenerate and redevelop your new skin, so that it is moist and able to adapt to changes in state without creating such marks. Always get to bed at a decent time, so that you have plenty opportunities to sleep fully through the night.

10: Stress

Stress is a big factor when it comes to how your skin develops throughout the course of your pregnancy. The stress hormone cortisol can take its toll on your body so that you are not restful and so that it is harder for your body to regenerate it sells.

This means that you will develop stretch marks since your body was not strong enough to reproduce vibrant and healthy skin. Make sure to get rid of the stress in your life by meditating, cutting out caffeine and otherwise dealing with your personal issues throughout the course of your pregnancy.

11: Cut Out Sugar

avoid SugarSugar is a large factor when it comes to the development of your stretch marks. For that reason, it will be wise to cut out the sugar that you have and your food on a regular basis.

A big part of this is to switch to a water only drinking lifestyle, since sugary beverages provide little nutrition but account for countless sugar and calories.

12: Take A Cold Shower

To reap the benefits of healthy skin throughout the course of your pregnancy, you should consider taking cold showers. This rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin, while getting deeper into your pores.

Cold showers allow your skin to retain its tightness and to heal from everyday wear and tear over the years. For that reason, turn the shower nozzle down as low as you can get it and hop right in.

13: Sunlight

While sunlight can provide you with plenty of wonderful enriched vitamin D, too much of anything is a bad thing. We need to regulate the time you spend in the sun, so you can avoid the damage that is done to your skin as a natural result.

14: Avocado

AvocadosIn order to be sure that you are giving your skin the chance that it needs to be moisturize and healthy, it pays to put quality food into your body. Add some avocado to your favorite smoothie or salad in order to reap these benefits through and through.

15: Nuts

If you’re looking for another skin healthy food that is rich in omega-3 fat fatty acids, look no further than a big handful of. Eating nuts such as walnuts, almonds and cashews will give you an excellent dose of protein and omega-3’s for the betterment and health of your skin.

16: Carrots

In terms of skin healthy food, you should also look to add carrots to your diet. This vegetable is excellent in providing your body with health hair, skin and nails. Eat plenty of them in organic, raw form.

17: Dermatologist

consult with dermatologistWhen you want to make sure that you are not heading in the direction of stretch marks throughout the course of your pregnancy, you should make frequent visits to the dermatologist.

This doctor can prescribe you the best skin products and medicines, while also helping you to avoid the wear and tear done to your skin during pregnancy.

18: Control Your Body Weight

Perhaps the greatest thing you can do in order to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy is keep your weight under control. Stretch marks are often the direct result of weight gain, which is why you need to fill your refrigerator and cupboards with only the best and healthiest foods. Always add movement to your life, so that you can keep your body lean and fit, even throughout the course of a pregnancy.

Follow these 18 points and use them so that you can keep stretch marks away throughout the course of any pregnancy. These techniques and remedies will help you with that, so keep these points in mind. If you need any further help, contact a dermatologist.