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Make Your Own Stretch Mark Removal Cream for Legs

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Most women complain about stretch marks on their belly area, especially after giving birth. Stretch marks can occur in other body parts, like on the thighs, buttocks, and even on the legs. Stretch mark on legs can occur to both men and women. Although you can prevent this, but sometimes it just happens. Nonetheless, stretch marks don’t pose any health problems; however, it can cause low self-esteem for those who have it.

As such, there are many ways that you can do to get rid of stretch marks. There are a lot of natural stretch mark removal creams available. Moreover, you can learn how to make one, as well. This way, you will discover the best one that works effectively for you. Rest assured, removing stretch marks on your legs is no longer impossible.

Understand the Causes of Stretch Marks on Legs

pregnancy stretch marksThe appearance of stretch marks on your legs may vary from purplish, reddish or pinkish in color. Over time, the color will somehow fade and turn to gray or white; becoming less visible. In line with that, not all stretch mark removal cream for legs can totally remove them. Most of the time, these creams simply aim to fade the color to resemble your skin. Stretch marks on your legs appear for many different reasons.

Basically, when there is damage to the fibers in the middle skin layer due to rapid changes in your body, stretch marks occur. the reason can be due to weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, puberty, and doing high intensity workouts, just to name a few. Nevertheless, you cannot totally prevent stretch marks from happening from any cause. There are many stretch mark removal methods in the market, like creams, oils and patches.

Modern stretch mark removal methods also revolve around cosmetic surgery, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. Needless to say, these treatments can be costly, and sometimes harsh for your skin. These three treatments may show results, still, it doesn’t make your stretch marks disappear. If you are sick and tired of your stretch marks on your legs, you can settle for topical creams. Why not make your own natural stretch mark cream?

Simple Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream for Legs

homemade stretch marks creamThere are many benefits you can get if you opt for homemade natural stretch mark creams. For starters, they’re affordable, compared to those pricey treatments. Another thing is that they’re quite convenient, since you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. In addition, these are natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. In connection to that, you’ll never have to worry a thing about side effects, unless you’re prone to skin allergies.

The most important thing when it comes to stretch marks is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Stretch marks most likely happen if you have dry skin. That explains why most commercial anti-stretch mark lotions are gooey. With that, these homemade stretch mark ingredients not just killer moisturizers, but also help nourish your skin. Here are some of the natural stretch mark cream recipes you can try at home:

Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Vitamin Gel

aloe vera and olive oilSimply combine a quarter cup of aloe vera gel with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Mix them all up in a blender.

In addition, add vitamin E extract from four capsules, as well as vitamin A extract from six capsules. After adding all the ingredients, your cream is ready to use. Simply put the cream in a glass container with a cover.

Coconut Oil and Butter Vitamin Lotion

Coconut oil is known for its effective nourishing properties. Blend two tablespoons of coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil and one tablespoon of avocado oil. When every ingredient is added, place the mixture in a pan and let it melt in low heat. You can also add an aromatic essential oil to create a lovely fragrance.

Butter and Essential Oil Cream

Cocoa ButterYou will need 15 grams of beeswax and cocoa butter, 50 grams of coconut oil and 30 milliliters of evening primrose oil. Mix all ingredients in one pan and let melt in low heat. As you continuously stir the mixture, sprinkle water on it.

Turn off the heat when the mixture has reached a fluffy consistency. After which, add 3 milliliters of lavender essential oil and 2 milliliters of lemon essential oil. Store it in an airtight container. Apply the cream on your stretch marks daily.

Essential Oils for Your Skin

lavender oilAccording to experts, the mix of different essential oils works can produce skin healing properties that will remove stretch marks. As such, you are going to need the expensive oils for this, which includes frankincense essential oil.

This oil has amazing healing properties. To start with, mix three drops each of frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil and sandalwood essential oil. Add six teaspoons of sesame seed oil and you’re done.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to make your own stretch mark removal cream for legs. However, if you find that your stretch marks persist, visit your doctor to find out exactly what you can do. You don’t have to live with stretch marks.