Methods of Removing Stretchmarks Using Cosmetic Surgery

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Stretch marks appear if a person gains or loses weight. These are very thin lines and usually having reddish color when new and white for aged stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear in almost any part of the body, but they are prominent in buttocks, hips, breasts and thigh. Body builders also develop stretch marks because of sudden weight growth in muscles. Moreover, the hormonal variations of the body can also cause stretch marks. Removing stretch marks can be difficult especially when you change body weight frequently. Thus, reducing abrupt body weight changes is an effective prevention of stretch marks. Also, you can reduce stretch marks by keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

There are people who want to remove stretch marks quickly. To do this, one would have to go through any of the surgical procedures suggested by a dermatologist. The following procedures are the common surgeries performed in removing stretchmarks.

Chemical peels – This treatment uses a chemical solution to remove the skin tissues where the marks are present. This is simplest and least painful form of cosmetic surgery for stretch marks removal.

Laser treatment – This treatment is usually for stretch marks found in arms and thighs. The laser lights are aimed at the area where marks are present. Laser treatment enhances the production of collagen. The success of this treatment depends per person and on several factors such as skin condition, age and severity of stretch marks.

Tummy tucks – this treatment is usually performed on stretch marks underneath the belly button. This produce consists of removing unnecessary muscles including fat or skin, shaping and tightening the stomach area. This is an ideal treatment for expectant mothers and overweight women whose stretch marks emerge underneath the belly button.

Dermabrasion – This cosmetic surgical procedure allows removing stretchmarks to a great extent. However, it is not hundred percent useful. This is ideal to people who have minimal stretch marks. Lots of people choose this procedure because it has no pain, no side effects, no recovery time, and suitable for all types of skin. Also, it is helpful in minimizing bright stretch marks.

While these surgical procedures are known to be effective, you need to ensure that you find a licensed professional to perform them on you. You should not try to decide on a procedure just because you think it is right for you. Always consult and seek the advice of a dermatologist who knows how to manage stretch marks effectively.

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