Prevent and Correct Stretch Marks with Elancyl

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Stretch marks as their name implies occur when the skin is stretched suddenly and are scar like marks that can vary from red, pink or purplish in color and may appear as streaks that are most commonly seen on the hips, thighs, stomach, upper arms, lower back, breast and shoulders.  They often are a result of a body change such as puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight or muscle gain or even loss.

If you are looking to prevent and or repair stretch marks Elancyl offers various products such as creams and lotions that will not only aid you in repairing stretch marks, combating cellulite and fat but also tightening up and maintain a gorgeous body. Here are some examples of the products Elancyl has to offer for preventing and repairing stretch marks.


use of ElancylTo prevent stretch marks use Elancyl Stretch Mark-Prevention this is a moisturizing cream that can be applied all over the body prior to stretch marks. This preventative cream is rich in safflower oil which makes it nutritious and promotes soft; more elastic skin that in turn helps prevents stretch marks.

The Safflower is a plant whose flower and the oil that is produced from its seeds are used in medications, beauty products and cosmetics, even healthy cooking it´s components are known to assist in weight loss.

Using marine extracts along with other cell regeneration substances Elancyls stretch mark prevention cream guarantees more skin flexibility. It also includes a restructuring complex that mixes vitamin E, amino acids and organic silicium that restore the epidermis as well as pro-vitamin B to nourish and hydrate.

This cream can be applied on any areas where you could typically get stretch marks such as buttocks, hips, belly etc. and for best results should be applied twice a day. This preventative cream when used properly and consistently will prevent stretch marks from forming and even smooth out any that may already exist.

Reduce and Correct

Cellu Slim elancyl stretch marks creamOnce you notice any stretch marks on your body you should immediately find a way to reduce and prevent others from forming. Elancyl offers a stretch mark reducing lotion known as the Stretch Mark Corrector which promotes the regression of any existing stretch marks.

This fresh gel that is slightly perfumed utilizes a osmo-innovative formula that acts a s a facilitator actively massaging and allowing a progressive and extended diffusion of the essential active ingredients into the skin.

This product gently goes eliminating any dead cells that may be on the skins surface and in doing so begins to stimulate the cell renewal which drastically improves the skins surface. This cell renewal brings about a visible decrease of existing stretch marks promoting a healthier skin tone as well as a tighter look.

It is recommended to use this product on stretch marks that may have appeared suddenly after abrupt body changes such as sudden weight gain or loss, puberty and child birth. Using the applicator cannula apply in the morning and evening directly on the stretch mark or mark massaging the affected area until all the product is absorbed. The massage is important as it stimulates the skins microcirculation and that favors better tissue repair, use this product faithfully for three months and you will notice a difference.

You can also try Elancyl stretch mark oil which also helps prevent and reduce stretch marks. Its main ingredients are all natural oils which are intended to prevent and or reduce stretch marks on those trouble spot areas. Its smooth and fluid texture is ideal for massages making the application a pleasant and relaxing one.

Safflower OilThe essential oils in this product are camelina oil, evening primrose oil and safflower oil which are all beneficial to skin care. Camelina oil (camelina sativa) is similar to flax and is mostly used for food and cosmetic purposes; it is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids it does wonders for your skin.

Evening primrose oil as its name states comes from the seed of the evening primrose plant and is great for the skin and is commonly used for skin disorders such as eczema and acne. Safflower which is also an ingredient in Elancyls preventative stretch mark cream combined with camelina oil and evening primrose oil makes for the perfect blend to prevent and reduce stretch marks.

It is recommended that pregnant women begin using this preventative oil during the fourth month of pregnancy and on ensuring moisturized skin that will be more flexible throughout the entire pregnancy and after. Apply once or twice a day using circular massage motions to prevent and repair any damaged skin.

The line of beauty and skin care products that Elancyl has to offer are quality products that will help slim and maintain your body, promote skin rigidity, reduce and prevent cellulite and stretch marks. Whatever you may need you can find with Elancyl just remember that in order to achieve the best results consistent exercising and proper dieting along with correct product use are essential.