Stretch marks have purple or red color when they initially appear and then fade to white over time. Finding ways to remove stretch marks fast involve treating them early. This is because they are difficult to treat in an effective manner once they turn into white. Let’s take a look at some methods that you can use to remove stretch marks effectively without drying up your bank account.

Stretch marks can be removed or minimize by reducing your body to its original size. This means that you need to lose weight. This method is ideal to women who gained weight during pregnancy. Thus, stretch marks can be eliminated once the body drops back to where it was.

You can also remove stretch marks through massage. Massage increases the flow and circulation throughout the skin. The pressure use can help in breaking the scar tissues of stretch marks.

Also, you can use an organic exfoliating oil to exfoliate the skin. You can use tea tree oil and apply it using a sponge or brush that is slightly abrasive. Exfoliation will scrape the scar tissue of the stretch marks and remove them so that new skin can develop.

You can also use vitamin E to fade stretch marks. Vitamin E is a natural skin repairer that helps in fading stretch marks when applied in liquid form daily.

Moreover, you can choose to use a stretch mark removal supplement. There are many multivitamin supplements that contain vitamins A, C and E that can repair stretch marks and make the skin supple.

Applying lotions to your stretch marks can help remove them. There are many natural creams and lotions that are helpful in removing stretch marks. Cocoa butter is one of these natural creams. You can also use Shea butter, emu oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and rose hip oil.

One of the ways to remove stretchmarks is to cover them with a tan. This means that you have to go out and get some tan. The stretch marks will turn brown along with the rest of the skin. However, you need to use a sunscreen with high protection factor in order to avoid damaging your skin and stretch marks.

Of course, you can use cosmetics to cover up and “remove” your stretch marks temporarily. You can apply makeup to the affected areas. You can also use a tanning cream or spray to your skin.

Stretch marks will fade over time. However, it takes a very long time before a stretch mark fade, but it does happen. If you don’t want to do anything immediate to remove your stretch marks, then just let time do it for you. You just need to be patient.