How Stretch Mark Cream Actually Work on Preventing Stretch Mark Formation

  • Sumo

stretch marks on legStretch marks are common problems for both men and women. A woman who just gave birth or someone who gained a huge amount of weight can have stretch marks. Even teenagers can have these marks because of their rapid growth. Stretch marks basically appear when the skin is stretched too much before it can heal. But stretch marks are preventable by using stretch mark creams. Applying a certain type of cream will allow the skin to be stretched without tearing the deeper skin tissues.

But when stretch marks are already present, removing them is another issue. The scar is deep beneath the skin layers and cannot be removed. However, there is a type of stretch mark cream created with the purpose of concealing those marks. But with the existing damage below the skin’s surface, how will a stretch mark cream actually work?

Can Stretch Mark Cream Actually Work Below the Surface Of The Skin?

stretch_Mark_Removal_CreamWhen the skin tissues are stretched more than its limit, tearing will occur to allow any change of size. The human skin can normally heal while stretching, but scarring will occur if the skin is stretched faster than the healing process. A stretch mark will then be visible from the surface of the skin. Stretch mark creams have the ability to penetrate deep skin layers. The problem is even if it can reach the damaged area, the scarring can’t be removed.

A stretch mark cream works not by removing but by concealing the marks. The cream can contain different kinds of nourishment than can moisturize the skin.  With regular use, the color of the skin will become brighter and will blend with the skin tone. In time, the stretch mark will blend with the surface and will become unnoticeable.  The scars still exist deep beneath the skin, though.

Commonly seen types of stretch marks are those lighter or darker than the surrounding skin and sometimes textured in both depth and width. These types will have their own degree of treatment in order for the marks to fade. A stretch mark cream uses your own skin cells so the blending will be natural. However, stretch mark creams effectiveness differs according to one’s skin colors.

How Do Stretch Mark Creams Work Before The Stretch Marks Show Up?

For some who are aware on how stretch marks appear, they tend to treat them as they happen. Preventing the formation of the stretch mark is better than dealing with a non-removable scar. A type of stretch mark cream works by giving the skin tissue the needed nutrients and hydration to be able to stretch without tearing. If used correctly and safely, no stretch marks will appear even after pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

These stretch mark creams contain natural ingredients that not only moisturize the skin tissues but also brighten the skin tone concealing any small tears.

Does A Stretch Mark Cream Actually Work for Darker Skins?

StretchMarksStretch marks can affect everyone regardless of skin color. People with darker skin can still suffer from multiple types of stretch marks. Blending can still be done in darker skin, and creams with Retin-A can be used. Retin-A is another type of vitamin-A that works really well on healing the skin. You be care in using them though because Retin-A are known to have several unwanted side-effects.

For one, it can darken your skin if used more than intended. It will also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and heat. And lastly, Retin-A shouldn’t be used by pregnant women because it can be harmful to the child. With that, before deciding to use stretch mark creams with Retin-A, consult a physician first for proper instructions.

Stretch mark creams with natural ingredients still work with dark skins. Many claim that the stretch mark cream actually worked and faded the marks. But there are also claims that the stretch marks showed up again or did not fade at all. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized might help to enhance the effect of stretch mark creams. It still depends on the degree of the scarring below the skin if it can still be concealed.

For those who do not like how stretch mark cream works, they tend to resort on surgical treatment. Surgeries are the most effective treatment as it can hide stretch marks permanently. Laser surgery is effective for most types but will still depend on the size and color of the stretch marks. For some who really want to have their stretch marks permanently removed, they resort to extreme measures like tummy tucks or removing the stretch marks by surgical excision.

Many will settle with the effect on how most stretch mark cream work. Fading and concealing the marks are sufficient for those who do not want to go for the extremes of surgery. Prevention is better than cure but if the scars are already present, knowing how a stretch mark cream actually work can help you in fading and concealing the marks.