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Stretch Mark Cream Mary Kay Products You Should Try

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Looking at your body, especially after a pregnancy, or losing a significant amount of weight, you may notice that you have stretch marks that are now there, ones that have never been there before. If you have never dealt with stretch marks before, this could be brand-new, and you might wonder how in the world you are going to remove them from your body. People that start to do research will look into many different options including laser resurfacing options and also stretch mark creams.

There are many companies that make these creams, some that come highly recommended, especially from companies that everyone has heard of including Mary Kay. If you would like to find out which stretch mark cream Mary Kay products you should try, continue reading below.

How Stretch Mark Creams Work

stretch mark cream worksWhat a stretch Mark cream is able to do is penetrate the upper layer of your skin and provide the entire epidermal layer with the ability to withstand stretching. Your skin is made up of cells and something called collagen, the component of your skin which gives it firmness and elastin which helps do the same.

If you are able to use a product that can improve upon the skin’s ability to stretch without caring, you can avoid getting stretch marks altogether. That’s why choosing the right cream for this particular task is so important, and also choosing the right company. Here’s a little bit more about how stretch marks actually form so that you can understand why these creams work so well.

The Anatomy Of Stretch Marks

The reason that stretch marks are able to occur is because skin tissue is designed to stretch slowly. If you think about a garbage bag that is filled with too much stuff, and it begins to rip, this is exactly what is happening with your skin. Once the tear has occurred, the marks will appear which can be purple or reddish lines.

These are the easiest to get rid of as they are not as large, whereas people that gain an excessive amount of weight, you bodybuilding, or go through a growth spurt may have lines that are hypertrophic in nature, literally resting on top of the skin creating an unsightly appearance. These can form most notably on teams that grow quite rapidly just below the lower back above the buttocks.

In order to remove these, laser treatments or dermabrasion may be necessary to smooth the area out in order to allow it to grow back much more smoothly, usually used in combination with silicone patches to help aid in the healing process.

Best Stretch Mark Creams

Mary Kay stretch mark creamAs mentioned before, we are going to refer you to the best products from Mary Kay that can help with stretch marks. However, there are some ingredients that are included that you should know about, the key components that allow the stretch marks to dissipate. One of those ingredients is retinoids, something that you may be familiar with if you have ever had acne before, or perhaps you are using it to eliminate age lines under your eyes.

Tretinoin prescription strength has been used effectively for years, providing excellent results for those that have taken this product for this purpose. Other things that can be done include a tummy tuck for an abdominal stretch, or fractional laser resurfacing which is very similar to dermabrasion.

However, the best Mary Kay stretch mark cream that you can use is Mary Kay Visibly Fit Body Lotion. This works perfectly on women that have just given birth, allowing the stretch marks to dissipate and potentially go away. Go ahead and try this cream from one of the best companies on the planet providing quality cosmetic products that you will enjoy.

Although you might want to try one of the other options that are available including fractional laser resurfacing, this is a very expensive procedure that can cost thousands of dollars, so if your stretch marks are not that bad, and you would like to use a proven topical cream that can help with this issue, you should definitely try this product from Mary Kay that thousands have used and had beneficial results.