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How Stretch Mark Cream Works – The Process of Preventing and Removing Stretch Marks

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cream with flowerSeeing multiple marks of stretched skin in parts of the body can be frustrating for many. Most pregnant women suffer from visible stretch marks as the skin as their abdomens stretch to allow the growth of their child.

People who also gained weight can get these marks as their skin tissues are being stretched apart. Luckily, there are creams that can be used to prevent or remove stretch marks. Knowing how stretch mark cream works can be useful prior to use.

Stretch marks are not harmful, but there’s no denying that the cause problems to those who have them. Just like acne or scars, some may see it as a problem in terms of appearance.

Basically, stretch marks form when the skin is stretched at a rate faster than it can regenerate. In this case, preventing stretch marks before they form has a better result compared to removing present ones. It now depends on the effectiveness of the cream used.

How Stretch Mark Cream Works On Removal and Prevention

There are multiple stretch mark creams available in the market, which product varying results. There are two types of stretch mark creams, the preventive and remover type. Preventive stretch mark creams work best when stretch marks are not yet formed. The work of the preventive type is that it adds necessary nutrients to improve the skin’s ability to stretch without tearing the tissues. It can also help in the natural healing of skin tissues.

On the other hand, how well a stretch mark cream works on existing stretch marks will depend on the remover types. The remover types do not actually remove the marks since the scarring is deep below the skin layers. What it does is it conceals the marks using natural oils together with fruit and plant extracts. The concealing process involves adjusting the color of the skin surface and deeper layers. This process makes the stretch marks less noticeable.

Using stretch mark creams can also help in ensuring that your skin is healthy. Keeping the skin moisturized and drinking enough water enhances the effectiveness on how stretch mark cream works. Some products today have combined both types, which can be used to prevent the marks from appearing and removing present ones.

What Are The Compositions of An Effective Stretch Mark Cream?

Natural IngredientsOils, nutrients, and plants are common ingredients for stretch mark creams. It also depends on the manufacturer what ingredients to use with the cream. Some products have added vitamins and moisturizers together with the two types of stretch mark creams. Some of the components used are the following:

  • Collagen – it is normal for the human skin to lose its elasticity as we grow old. Collagen is a type of protein in the body that losses its effect as well. Using stretch mark creams increases the effect of collagen to maintain skin moisture and ability to stretch.
  • Grape Seed Extract – the vitamin C included in its components are helpful in strengthening skin cells, making them stronger and elastic.
  • Emu Oil – affects deep layers of the skin and allows faster healing and skin cell formation.
  • Elastin – a type of body protein that allows the skin tissues to stretch and return to its normal state. Using creams with Elastin helps in restoring the elasticity of the skin tissues.
  • Aloe Vera – commonly used by other products due to its effective healing effects. This plant’s effects remove wrinkles and skin tissue scarring as well as promote healing.
  • Glycolic Acid – an acid taken from the extracts of green fruits. This ingredient is used by products to help in the removal of dead skin cells in the skin tissues. This allows new healthy skin cells to take place.

There are still more types of ingredients used by many companies, and these are the ones commonly used due to its proven desired effects.

Who Commonly Uses Stretch Mark Creams?

Stretch-Mark creamWomen recovering from pregnancy are the most common group of people who uses stretch mark creams. Pregnancy not only causes the skin in the abdomen to stretch, but also requires women to eat more food to stay healthy. People who also have a higher weight than normal will have stretch marks as the skin is pulled apart by the increasing amounts of body fat.

Aside from pregnant women and people who have a lot of weight, teenagers suffer from stretch marks as well. Teenagers normally grow faster which makes stretch marks a problem as they grow. Body builders who gained a lot of muscle mass can also manifest stretch marks.

Being aware on how stretch mark creams work allows people to be prepared on what type and when to use creams. A stretch mark is a problem that can be easily solved by using the correct type of cream and staying healthy. Keep in mind on how stretch mark cream works and you can say goodbye to your stretch marks.