Stretch Mark Solutions For Legs

Stretch Mark Solutions For Legs

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Stretch marks are some of the most unsightly flaws skin can get. They often occur around the waist due to fluctuations in weight or pregnancy. There are other causes of stretch marks, too, including growth spurts. No matter what the cause is, they can appear on the chest area as well as the legs.

This often comes as a surprise to most women who associate stretch marks with stomach-area skin flaws. If you are a sufferer of leg stretch marks that appear on the inner and outer thighs and even the calves, you can do something about them.

Identifying Stretch Marks For A Removal Regimen

Red Stretch MarksThere are ways to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. First, take note of what type of stretch marks you have. If they are white in color, they are older stretch marks. These will require different care than those that are red in color.

Red stretch marks are new marks. These stretch marks can be eliminated with the help of certain creams or lotions, especially those formulated to rid stretch marks from the skin.

Exercise Suggestions

No matter whether you have old or new stretch marks, you want to make use of exercise to help reduce their appearance. Start by doing leg toning exercises such as running, walking and doing squats and lunges regularly. If you can, employ the help of a personal trainer to assist you in developing a personalized routine for your legs and thighs. Other exercises that are helpful include Zumba fitness or yoga.

The way in which exercise can help stretch marks is by firming the skin by developing muscles beneath it. This does not eliminate the marks, but it does reduce their appearance and that is your first defense against them.

Weight-Loss Suggestions

While drastic increases or decreases in weight often contribute to stretch marks, a minimum amount of weight loss can actually help the stretch marks to disappear. This will usually work when it is combined with an exercise regimen. Look to add good fats to your diet, such as those from avocados and olive oils.

Develop New Skin Care Routines

diet and exerciseWhile you combine exercise and diet with each other to combat stretch marks, do not forget the value of taking good care of your skin. Make sure to use a dry brush regimen on the legs before showering or bathing. Doing this helps exfoliate the skin and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

When you are in the shower or bath, make use of body scrubs to assist the exfoliation process. Scrubs that contain caffeine can help smooth the skin.

Creams And Lotions For Stretch Marks On Legs

While you have all these other routines in place, you are ready to start exploring products that will help you. You can choose to visit a dermatologist for her suggestions as to prescription creams. Or, you could start by using cocoa butter moisturizers.

Cocoa butter is emollient and offers tried and true help with stretch marks. It is also all-natural so there are no harmful ingredients in these formulations. Apply the cocoa butter twice a day. Be sure to rub the lotion between your palms first so the butter warms and softens for greater penetration into the skin.

You can also shop your local drug store for formulated creams and lotions made for stretch marks. You can make use of the same products women use for stomach stretch marks on your legs. Often these products contain oils like those from sesame, or they contain caffeine. Vitamin E oil combined with any products on the market is also effective for some women.

online reviewBe patient when trying different stretch mark creams and oils. Some products work better for some women than others do, as every woman’s skin is different. It is helpful to read online reviews about products but remember that just because some women will say a particular product did not work for them it does not mean that product will not work for you.

If you choose to visit a dermatologist, ask about prescription Retin A creams. These are strong formulations with lots of vitamin A to help reduce scarring on skin. Getting a prescription for this may also include being prescribed a steroid cream, so be sure to ask your dermatologist as many questions as you can about what to expect.

Additional Leg Stretch Mark Strategies

Do not forget the value of using cover up makeup to help reduce your leg stretch marks. There are strong foundations made to cover up tattoos and scars. Try these in a shade that works for the skin color on your legs.

You do not have to live with unsightly stretch marks on your legs. Use one or all of the above suggestion and see for yourself that there are solutions available.