Treat Stretch Marks Using Natural Essential Oils

  • Sumo

Natural Essential Oils

Many people who have stretch marks feel embarrassed; especially when the marks are located in visible parts of their body. Newly formed stretch are reddish in color and slightly swollen, while an old stretch mark is usually white. Although annoying, there are many ways to treat stretch marks. Some people want an instant solution and would resort to medical procedures. However, there are cheaper options available.

If you do not want to undergo surgery, then you can choose the natural way of healing the stretch marks on the skin. The most common method to treat stretch marks is through the use of natural essential oils. These oils are usually processed without using machines or chemical processes. Thus, their natural properties to heal ailments are retained.

One of the most popular oil used to treat or manage stretch marks is the Argan oil. This oil comes from the kernels of Argan fruit, which are processed by an organization of Moroccan women. This is the best oil available to heal stretch marks and other skin problems because of its rich content of collagen and elastin, which are essential in rebuilding damaged tissues of the skin. Moreover, this oil is very light that it easily penetrates the skin, moisturizing it inside out.

Essential oils such as lavender oil have a soothing scent that is best to use for massage. Massage is not only good for aching muscles but also to the skin. Massage stimulates circulation of blood to the nerves and skin. This allows the nutrients to reach the skin easily. Moreover, the direct pressure from the massage aids in breaking down the tissue in the stretch marks which then easily removes them.

You can also use lotions and creams that have essential oil contents. Because essential oils are very effective, they have become the active ingredients of many lotions and creams that treat stretch marks. You can use these products to moisturize your skin so that the skin becomes healthy and smooth. Moreover, you can use exfoliating creams that contain essential oils. They are safe to use even on a daily basis because they do not contain harmful ingredients. Always use organic products in the treatment of stretch marks.