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Using A Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

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What is a more beautiful experience than giving birth to a baby? When people talk about pregnancies, they talk about how the expected mother has a special glow to her complexion.Anti Stretch Mark Cream

They talk the joy of motherhood the positive changes that this has brought to the woman, in how she takes care of herself and the new life that is growing inside her. Popular magazines even glamorize the pregnancies of celebrity women, posting images of them in stylish outfits with their perfect bulge.

However, it is really not all that glamorous. Yes, every new life is a miracle, but having that new life grow inside a body poses all sorts of challenges. A pregnant woman does not feel happy all the time. Many women are self-conscious about how the pregnancy makes them look, and they often do not feel very attractive.

The most obvious change to a woman’s body is the weight gain and growth around the belly. Pregnant women also may experience other problems like the loss of their hair, uneven redness on their skin, damage to their blood vessels, and breakouts. As the stomach area gets bigger and bigger, more and more stretch marks appear.

Getting stretch marks is very common. You get stretch marks when your body is growing faster than how the skin keeps up. The stretchy fibers beneath the skin’s surface breaks and cause stretch marks.

Stretch marks often appear toward the end of the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. In addition to the middle of your body, stretch marks can occur on the upper arms, upper thighs and the buttock area.

The stretch marks can start out with a red and purplish color, the fading into a gray or white over time. For people with a fair complexion, stretch marks tend to be pink. Women with dark skin will get stretch marks that are lighter than their natural skin tone.

It does not matter if you think you have inherited good genes from your family and will not be getting stretch mark. Dermatologists say that stretch marks are not predictable, but they can be avoided. You just have to act quickly enough.

doctorThere are many products out on the market that address the development of stretch marks.

Before you apply anything to your skin while you are pregnant, you must consult with your doctor first because these stretch mark creams have chemicals in them. Whatever you apply to your skin, the ingredients will be absorbed into your skin and into the body of the unborn baby.

That is why it is advisable to use a natural cream or oil formulated especially for stretch marks. A natural oil can be used to massage the skin. This will provide the skin with nutrients and better blood circulation to make the skin stronger.

Massages should be done every day. It is also important to protect your skin from the sun with a broad spectrum suncreen. Excessive exposure to the sun will make the stretch marks even darker and more uneven.

You should always keep your skin hydrated by applying an ample amount of lotion. It relieves the tightness that you can feel in that area. it also makes your skin feel better. As your belly is growing, your skin in that area may become itchy. The lotion can alleviate that pain.

When you go online to search for more information, you can usually see a myriad of stretch mark creams that promise great results. Results can vary from person to person because of the differences in skin type. What works well for one person may not work as well for another person. Always review the ingredients of the product because anything that your body absorbs will feed into your unborn child.

When you start using a cream to treat your stretch marks, keep in mind that results will not happen overnight. Results may not even be apparent for weeks. It takes time for stretch marks to diminish in appearance. So, you need to be patient and allow the cream to work.

Natural products are the best while you are pregnant because they are a healthier choice for you and your baby. After the birth of your child, you should still continue to use safe products because what your skin absorbs will affect the milk that you produce.

Some synthetic creams have parabens and phthalates that have been connected to breast cancer and diabetes. So, always read the label and look up any ingredient that you do not understand.

After you give birth, your stomach flattens out. However, the stretch marks remain. Your dermatologist may prescribe some retinoid cream in order to trigger more cell turnover. Retinoids should not be used while you are still pregnant. This method is meant for postpartum use only.strech

Some stretch marks will eventually fade to resemble thin lines that are grayish in color. Other stretch marks may turn darker. It is best to start treating stretch marks when they are fairly new and look red or purplish.

A good combination of elements for fixing stretch marks include onion extract and hyaluronic acid. People who used a cream with that formulation reported various levels of scar fading over a twelve week period.

There is no miracle cure for stretch marks. Any cream applied to the body should get the doctor’s approval first. With patience and diligence in applying treatment, your stretch marks will fade away.