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What Are Stretch Marks And How To Treat Them

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Everyone wants to look their best and minimize any flaws they may have on their skin or in their figure. Enhancing looks is something that goes back throughout recorded history. Different tribes and countries have their own perceptions of beauty and how to best attain it.

In the modern world, many people are disturbed by their stretch marks. This can keep them from participating in activities, such as going swimming or wearing certain types of clothing. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. There are several things that will factor in to how effective different methods will be.

First, it is important to understand what causes stretch marks. Simply put, it is when the skin tissue is stretched beyond capacity. This creates tears in it, leading to stretch marks which are very similar to scar tissue. High levels of cortisone in the body will worsen the stretch marks. This hormone, produced by the adrenal glands, weakens the elastic skin fibers.

Pregnancy Stretch marksPregnant women are most often associated with stretch marks. This is because the body undergoes weight gain, much of it concentrated in the abdominal region though hips and thighs are subject to intense stretch marks as well.

A pregnant woman may also experience stretch marks on her breasts, upper arms, or even the back. Generally, the marks do not begin to appear until the last trimester. Some researchers believe the hormonal factors associated with pregnancy are also involved with increased stretch marks in pregnant women.

Another common cause for stretch marks is excessive weight gain. Many overweight and obese people find that stretch marks are more prevalent in the parts of their bodies where they retain weight. If the weight gain was rapid, stretch marks are even more likely.

Puberty has also been indicated in teens getting stretch marks. The time in life is often marked by intense growth spurts. Sometimes, the body is not ready to handle these changes.

Cushing's SyndromeThere are medications and diseases that may also increase the chance of a person getting stretch marks. A variety of steroids, including corticosteroid creams, have been responsible for many patients getting stretch marks while on them.

In addition, most adrenal gland diseases can lead to stretch marks all over the body. So can Marfan and Cushing’s syndromes.

For patients who are under care for a disease or are taking steroids that have caused their stretch marks, it is important to consult with the physician prior to proceeding with any treatments. This is to ensure that the lotions or creams are compatible with any ongoing treatment.

There are a wide variety of scar creams on the market that may help with stretch marks though, they will not disappear entirely. It is important that patients look at the ingredients in any product before purchasing it to ensure that it will promote healing. The following have been shown useful:

Glycolic Acid

retin-AThis alpha hydroxy acid improves skin elasticity and improves collagen production. It is safe for use during pregnancy however, patients need to cover the skin prior to going outside.

Any one of these may be the reason a person has stretch marks. It does not matter the cause, the discomfort associated with them can be devastating. It is best if the treatment begin when the first signs appear. Many pregnant women begin using scar creams on their abdomen before any stretch marks appear, hoping to keep them at bay.

A woman who is not pregnant or breastfeeding can add Retin-A to the treatment. It can cause birth defects so, a woman who even may become pregnant should avoid it.It should be applied prior to the glycolic acid.

Vitamin E is another powerful ingredient. While most think about taking this antioxidant to help their overall health, many do not realize that creams and lotions containing it are far better for the skin. It reduces cell damage by lavender oilpreventing free radicals from attacking them. This allows the stretch marks to heal more easily and reduces additional damage that may be done.

Some essential oils have promise in regards to healing stretch marks. While clinical studies have not been done that meet the standards of western medicine, there have been many reports from individuals who have seen improvement.

Lavender is excellent for skin and rose has also been useful. Other essential oils that may help are geranium and myrrh.

There are many different causes for stretch marks, many of them unavoidable. It is best to keep skin hydrated through proper hydration and treatment with a quality scar cream.

Vitamin E and glycolic acid can be used by virtually everyone to promote proper skin healing and health. Treating the area two or three times each day should promote healing.