Common Methods Used to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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There are various methods used to get rid of stretch marks. These include various types of lotions and creams, massage and exfoliation of the skin. These techniques do not guarantee fast result on their own, but they can heal stretch marks quickly when using a combination of them.

 Use Specialized Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Anti Stretch Mark Cream

There are many kinds of creams, lotions and gels available in the market that can help in a natural and safe way. Most creams contain collagen and elastin that are naturally produced by the body. Also, creams are cheaper than other treatment methods. They are proven safe and effective. They are not harmful to the body because they are used externally. When looking for creams that you will use to get rid of stretch marks, you ought to look for those that have a high content of collagen, elastin, Aloe Vera, soy protein, vitamin A, squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin D3 and grape seed extract.

 Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

There are effective methods of removing stretch marks without the need for surgery. Lots of people combine massage techniques along with other methods such as exfoliation methods using various lotions and creams. A gentle massage helps increase the circulation of fluid to the subcutaneous layer of fat under our skin. Moreover, massage breaks down fat cells with pressure so that they can be flushed out along with other skin damaging toxins. Hence, a massage improves the appearance of the skin and removes unwanted fats and inches.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly


Exfoliation of the skin, when done properly, can the fastest way in removing stretch marks. They are done by using modern clinical procedure such as laser surgery and microdermabrasion. These procedures can exfoliate the skin properly. Thus, it removes the thin layer of dead and damaged skin cells on the surface or area of the body. When massage is done on a regular basis, it will remove the scars of stretch marks and promote the growth of new and healthy skin. Once massaging and exfoliating the skin is complete, it is also advisable to use cream to nourish and lubricate so that it becomes soft and flexible.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks can be a combination of two or all methods mentioned above. They key to avoid and eliminated stretch marks is to keep the skin elastic so that it won’t break when tension is applied.

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