Different Methods And Procedures To Treat Stretch Marks

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get rid of stretchmarksStretch marks have been the horror faced by modern women today. And because it is genetic, there is a high probability that you will acquire stretch marks at some point in your life. If you are conscious about your skin’s appearance, then you should start taking steps in order to prevent, or at least lessen the severity of the stretch marks’ appearance.

Methods on How to Eliminate Stretch Marks

The list below are a few of the methods that can eliminate stretch marks, or at least improve its appearance. Many of which included studies of their effectiveness, but some do not have enough evidence to show that the method is an effective way to remove stretch marks.



How To Get Rid Of Stretchmarks FAST!

  1. Fractional laser resurfacing is one of the newest methods of removing stretch marks. It uses scattered pulses of light, targeted at the stretch mark in order to remove it. But only a fraction of the scar is zapped even after several sessions of treatments. This treatment is also found to cause miscroscopic wounds. With each session of treatment, the body responds by producing new collagen and epithelium.
  2. The pulsed dye treatment is another kind of laser treatment to eliminate stretch marks. This procedure uses concentrated beams of light which targets the blood vessels in the skin. The light will be converted into heat, destroying the blood vessels, and at the same time leaving the skin around it undamaged or unharmed.
  3. Using retinoic acid, or retin-A, cream is also found to improve the appearance of stretch marks, given that the treatment is applied while the stretch mark is still young. Retin-A is believed to enhance the collagen production of the body, improving the way the skin stretches or adapts to forces which in turn will avoid tears.
  4. Glycolic acid is also a type of treatment that helps in increasing the collagen production of the skin, making your skin more elastic and less prone to over stretching. However, while using this treatment, you should avoid getting under the sun.
  5. Though there has not been any reviews made on the effectiveness of using essential oils in treating and healing, this has been considered a home remedy for eliminating stretch marks. These oils can be applied directly to the skin.

There are many other ways of treating stretch marks, either by undergoing laser treatments or taking home remedies available within your reach. However, it is still best to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than having to treat them.