remove stretchmarks nowThe world can be unfair for people who are not perfect looking. If you have a scar, you will never get a chance to model even if you want to. But, did you know that more than half of women suffer from the unsightly marks called stretchmarks? Even models sport these scars. Sometimes stretchmarks happen because you have gained weight too fast or lost weight quickly. And, there are still a bigger percentage of people who just have them because they have been blessed with them from their heredity. Although almost impossible to banish 100%, there are ways on how to effectively remove stretchmarks that will make them almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. And, what is best? Removing them naturally.

Drinking Water to Remove Stretchmarks

One of the best kept secrets on how you can remove stretchmarks is by just drinking a lot of water. Stay away from sweet drinks or any other drinks that contain colouring or sugar. Plain water is the best. If you are already drinking a lot of water, see if you can still drink a few more glasses each day. Warm, room temperature water is the best to drink as you will not be shocking your system as opposed to drinking water that is cold. Also, when you drink water, your body will be able to move toxins out of your system and flush out the free radicals which are partly responsible for making your skin dry and flaky.

How to get rid of stretch marks?? Home Remedy

Moisturized Skin Helps Combat Stretchmarks

People do not realize that they must keep their skin moisturized at all times as it will keep stretchmarks at bay and prevent new ones from forming. When skin is supple and moist, there are fewer chances that they will get new stretchmarks. There are even ingredients such as shea butter or cacao beans to help prevent stretchmarks. Look for these ingredients when you are buying a moisturizer to use daily. Keeping lotion by your bed is a good way to make sure you moisturize your skin before you sleep.


Early To Bed To Help Remove Unsightly Marks

Lastly, if you want to make sure that you will keep these stretchmarks at bay, always sleep a minimum of eight hours a day. When you sleep, it is your body’s natural way of repairing and healing itself. Sleeping is a good way on how to effectively remove stretchmarks without even costing anything. Keep the room temperature ambient and avoid adding unnecessary stressors in your life.