How to Get Rid of Red Stretch Marks Quickly on Your Skin

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A lot of people are plagued with the horror of stretch marks. In fact, almost anyone who has had a growth spurt, weight gain or pregnancy can relate to seeing red stretch marks form on their skin.

While everyone says that stretch marks are almost close to being harmless, a lot of people do not consider the effects stretch marks have on someone’s self-confidence.

Read on to gain that confidence back by learning how to get rid of red stretch marks, and learn how to prevent them for good.

Get to Know the Real Deal on Red Stretch Marks

You might be asking, what do red stretch marks mean?

stretch marksMedically known as striae distensae, red stretch marks appear when the skin has stretched to its capacity, ripping the skin. The dermis, the skin’s second layer, starts the rip from the inside. This causes a domino effect with the outer layer of the skin, and presto - red stretch marks are born.

Some refer to them as “claw marks,” but red stretch marks are plainly evidence of ripped skin. In a few months or years, the outer layer of the skin eventually tightens and heals. They then leave you with light-colored marks for all the world to see.

Your next question might be, do red stretch marks go away? Lucky for you, the answer is yes. Red stretch marks mean that there is still blood flowing through the vessels beneath the tissues, and therefore, they are still easy to treat.

Red Stretch Marks All Over the Body

Keep in mind that you are not the only one with stretch marks, and most people hide theirs just like you. Try to imagine all the celebrities that got pregnant or put on weight in the past year. Can you imagine them having stretch marks when they got back to their A-list bodies?

They are just as prone top stretch marks as you. The only difference is that they already have all the information of preventing and treating their stretch marks.

If you feel a little insecure about having these stretch marks in different parts of your body, look at this list to see the most common areas for having stretch marks. Chances are, your red stretch marks are not so uncommon after all.

1. The Most Common Area: Your Tummy or Abdomen

Red stretch marks on the stomach are common to everyone. Those who have gained weight have bigger challenges to face after getting their old body back. Aside from shaping up, stretch marks can still prevent you from wearing the clothes you want to wear.

Moms can also agree that while stretch marks do not pose a serious health threat, having red stretch marks during pregnancy is a huge eyesore. Oftentimes, these stretch marks can also get immensely itchy.

2. This One’s for the Ladies: The Breasts

stretch marks on breastsAdolescence is the peak of growth for both men and women. For the ladies, it means growing breasts in such a short amount of time. This is the main cause of having stretch marks on the breasts, which is normal for girls hitting puberty.

Older women who have experienced breast enlargement from weight gain or hormonal treatments can also experience stretch marks on breasts.

3. A Bodybuilder’s Problem: The Upper Arms

Red stretch marks on arms do not necessarily come from weight gain. In fact, a lot of bodybuilders and gym rats are at risk for having stretch marks.

Rapid muscle increase from training is a leading cause of stretch marks for the fitness buffs out there. Once muscles decrease in size, they are at risk of developing red stretch marks.

4. Don’t Look Behind You: The Buttocks

Do people really know what’s going on underneath those skinny jeans? You have pregnancy, puberty and weight gain to blame for the bear claws on your buns. For the women, it’s especially horrifying to face bikini season with your stretch marks.

The good news is that through time and treatments, you can have that bikini-ready body any time of the year.

5. Another Key Area: The Thighs

Have you dreamed so much of the perfect thigh gap that you worked out so hard only to find red stretch marks on your inner thighs? Again, this is caused by rapid body-changing conditions like pregnancy and weight gain.

The thighs are one of the fattier parts of the body, therefore, more skin is stretched in these parts.

6. A Surprising Area: The Shoulders

bodybuildersThe shoulders and armpits are prone to stretch marks because these parts require less pressure for them to rip. The shoulders do not have padding underneath, so even lifting weights is a threat for red stretch marks to bodybuilders.

It’s a myth that only fat people get stretch marks. Even the fittest people get these, especially when exercise and diet is not properly.

Are You Prone to Developing Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are common and can happen to anyone. Still, some people are more at risk of having stretch marks than others. If you are one of these people, start planning a regimen for prevention and treatment of red stretch marks. You can also see your dermatologist to know the best solution for you.

1. One Factor You Can’t Fight: Genetics

You read that right: having stretch marks is genetic. Since you inherit a lot of skin traits from your ancestors, the way your skin would react to stretching will most likely be the same.

Women are more prone to stretch marks than men, so if your mother or sister has stretch marks, it’s likely that you will have them too. Yes, life isn’t fair, but at least you have ways to prevent these marks forever.

2. The Growing Pains of Puberty

Since growth and weight gain is rapid during puberty, teens are at high risk of getting red stretch marks on thighs and on the stomach. There are also some who develop stretch marks on their legs from height increase.

Over time, some of these stretch marks eventually disappear, but early care and treatment of red stretch marks guarantees virtually zero percent scars.

3. Skin Problems Post-Pregnancy

red stretch marks during pregnancyIt’s no question that pregnant women sometimes worry more about stretch marks than actually giving birth. About nine months of an expanding belly is enough reason for red stretch marks during pregnancy. A lot of times, stronger medications are not safe for pregnant women, which makes it harder to remove stretch marks.

Aside from the marks themselves, pregnant women also feel itchiness and dryness on the belly as the skin expands. This is of course treatable and preventable.

4. All Too Common Today: Obesity

In some cases, even just being slightly overweight can cause red stretch marks. When you are overweight, your skin undergoes extreme stress to accommodate all the excess fat that needs to be stored.

Crash diets are unadvisable for such cases because they would only worsen the stretch marks. It would pay to be extra conscious of your skin to avoid stretch marks, and to take proper care through hydration and treatment.

5. Losing It: After a Dramatic Weight Loss

Similar to being overweight, dramatic weight loss causes stretch marks all over the body. Try to create a weight loss program that doesn’t let your skin suffer so much. Do not lose hope as losing weight is still the better at preventing new stretch marks from forming. There is a way to walk the safe road back to looking good.

6. A Surprising Stretch Mark Source: Corticosteroid Medications

Corticosteroids, or more commonly known as just steroids, are hormones that are produced naturally or pharmaceutically to combat inflammation. Corticosteroids are used for conditions like arthritis, lupus, asthma, and other skin diseases.

If you are a user of corticosteroids, it’s important that you follow exactly what the doctor has prescribed. Stretch marks are a side effect of using steroids. Follow packaging instructions and be aware of the full side effects before using the product.

Get to Know the Treatments Available for Red Stretch Marks

If you already have red stretch marks, there are numerous ways on how you can make them disappear whether temporarily or permanently. Here are a few ways to treat already-existing stretch marks, especially red stretch marks.

1. Camouflage Stretch Marks with Makeup

If you need a quick fix for your stretch marks for an event, camouflage makeup is the best solution. Similar to how concealers work on the face, makeup can erase stretch marks for an instant flawless fix.

The key to using concealers for your stretch marks is knowing how to correct the color of the scar before applying a shade in the same color as your skin. For red stretch marks, it would be advisable to apply a layer of green color correcting concealer first to make the area neutral again.

Once color correcting is done, the next step is to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. If you are acidic, choose a lighter shade as the tendency is for the color to turn darker after a couple of hours.

As an added bonus, if you want the concealer to last longer, dab in a bit of powder that matches your skin. This sets the liquid or cream concealer and makes it last longer. You can try drugstore brands of makeup as they do not necessarily have to touch your face.

If you need help in selecting a good brand of concealer makeup for your stretch marks, you can try CoverBlend by Exuviance. This makeup works double time by correcting the color of blemishes as it conceals.

If you are not fond of using liquid or cream concealer or are allergic to some of their ingredients, you can also opt to use mineral makeup. Although a little bit more expensive, mineral makeup fills in as they conceal for a more flawless finish.

You can also try to include self tanners in your skin care routine to help your stretch marks gain a little color. This can help in blending body makeup easily in the future.

2. Treat Those Marks with Creams, Gels and Lotions

The use of topical treatment to already-existing red stretch marks may take more time than simply concealing them. They key is consistency in sticking to the skin care regimen as it may take a minimum of 12 weeks to see results.

Even without a prescription, you can buy topical treatments for stretch marks over the counter. It would be good to look out for ingredients like tretinoin, which is part of a group of medicine called retinoids. These medicines work on improving skin cells by building on collagen and by acting as vitamin A derivatives.

creamIf you need faster results, you can also try products like Skinception All Natural Stretch Mark Removal Cream. This product uses a combination of innovations like Darutoside to decrease the length of stretch marks and Pro-Sveltyl to promote collagen synthesis in repairing skin. In just two months, you can see visible effects on your red stretch marks.

Depending on the problem area or weather condition, you can ask your local pharmacist to give recommendations on whether to use creams, gels or lotions. Find where you are most comfortable with and stick to the routine.

3. A Modern Approach: Getting Laser or Light Therapy

One of the most effective and most expensive methods to remove stretch marks is through laser/ light therapy. In a nutshell, light therapy and lasers create mini wounds on the skin to trigger cell regeneration and healing that eventually replace the stretch marks.

There are many kinds of brands and treatments you can choose from for your red stretch marks. Fractional lasers are the most common and are widely available in skin care and cosmetic centers worldwide. Though they have different names and variations, the mechanics of triggering skin healing remain the same.

One of the more notable ones is called Pulsed Dye Laser, which uses intense but gentle pulses of light to color correct scars. Since red stretch marks respond well to this type of treatment, it has been recommended by dermatologists all over.

The treatment works by emitting a yellow light which is absorbed by the blood vessels on the skin. These are the same blood vessels that are still attached to the tissues of the red stretch marks, making it easier to treat.

One of the side effects of these therapies would be a slight burning sensation. Although minimal and harmless, the pain is like being inflicted with a rubber band on the skin. There are, however, cooling technologies and products to be used to minimize this pain.

Laser treatments take six months to one year to see the full potential of each treatment. Depending on your case, desirable results start to show during the first six months.

4. Exfoliating Stretch Marks Via Microdermabrasion

microdermabrasionAnother clinical way of removing stretch marks is through microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective way to remove stretch marks through exfoliation.

Just like how a good body scrub removes all the dead skin cells through microbeads, microdermabrasion uses a handheld device that contains aluminum oxide crystals. The handheld device is constantly rubbed onto the skin for a sanding effect that smoothens out the skin.

Though this procedure is done by professionals at accredited clinics, you can also purchase units so you can do the procedure at home. The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

The exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin triggers a regeneration of effect that also affects the dermis. As you grow older, cell regeneration becomes slower, which is why exfoliation becomes a key factor in aging.

Aside from exfoliation, there are also other benefits to microdermabrasion. One of which is that exfoliation stimulates collagen and elastin production. These are two important components in the skin tissue, and having stretch marks mean you need the two together.

Collagen, which is found in different layers of the skin, gives the skin strength. It is also responsible for the skin’s youthful glow. Elastin, on the other hand, makes the skin supple and flexible. This is found in the middle part of the skin.

Microdermabrasion is also a good compliment to topical treatments you are using for your red stretch marks. Through the exfoliation, microdermabrasion allows the various products to go deeper to your skin for a maximum effect.

It also important for you to look out for signs of skin irritation, such as rashes and acne, as microdermabrasion might make matters worse for infected skin.

Simple Tips for Preventing Red Stretch Marks on Your Skin

Despite tons of ways to treat red stretch marks, prevention is still always better than treatment. Even if you already have existing stretch marks, make sure you take note of these practices to prevent further appearances.

  • Watch Your Weight: The most natural thing to observe in preventing stretch marks would be weight and diet. It’s only common knowledge that gaining weight unhealthily has its own consequences. It would be best not to wait for sudden weight gain to start shedding extra pounds. A balanced diet and regular exercise is key to maintaining your normal weight.
  • exerciseKeep Moving: Try to allot several minutes a day for exercise, even if it’s just walking or doing chores. Sweating out excess calories at least several times a week aids not just in weight loss but in a faster metabolism too.
  • Count Calories: If you have a habit of eating more than you should, consider downloading a calorie counting app on your smartphone. By determining your weight, goals and daily activity, you can monitor how much calories you’ve taken in plus the amounts of protein, sugar and salt your food contains.
  • Eat Healthy: There are also different types of food that you can also eat to prevent stretch marks. Eat foods that are high in protein, as these speed up the production of collagen in the body. Start munching on those fish and legumes for healthy-looking skin.
  • Look for Vitamin C: Foods rich in vitamin C are also good for collagen production. If you are not fond of citrus fruits and foods, try to take vitamin supplements daily. There are many vitamin combinations available that you can choose from to fit your lifestyle best.
  • Drink Water: Also, don’t forget about the universal liquid - Water can work its wonders in many different conditions, and is important in hydrating skin to prevent stretch marks. Fruits and vegetables like oranges and cucumbers also work in filling in the gaps between cells, eventually minimizing stretch marks. Staying hydrated is staying healthy.
  • Use Prevention Techniques: Sadly, for pregnant women, weight gain and baby growth is uncontrollable; however, there are ways to relieve itching and dryness caused by the stretch. Natural moisturizers, such as shea butter and olive oil act as your skin’s lubricants that aid in skin elasticity. They also act as antioxidants to the skin, preventing inflammation and swelling in some skin conditions. Just apply them all over the belly and massage gently so that the skin can absorb the oil properly.

No matter what the cause, the key is to apply your stretch mark serums and creams when you know your skin is being stretched. In anticipation of stretch marks, you can already prevent them from worsening.

With recent technological advancements, saying goodbye to stretch marks is easy. It only takes a lot of patience and determination and then you’re all set.

Stretch marks not only scar your skin, but they also scar your self-esteem and confidence. The upside is that it isn’t hard to prevent stretch marks from forming. With a shift to a healthier lifestyle, not only red stretch marks can be prevented but also ailments that are attributed to weight gain.