Stretch Mark Creams Used By Celebrities

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There are many stretch mark creams on the market, but only a few are trusted and used by celebrities.

From Kim Kardashian to Tia and Tamera, every celebrity has a stretch mark cream that they have used after pregnancy. In this article, we will examine some stretch mark creams recommended by celebrities.

Famous twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, who you may know from Sister, Sister and the Tia and Tamera show, started their own company Need Brands.

Need Brands caters their products to first time moms. The twins, identified the need on the market for a stretch mark cream made of natural oils.

To fill that need in the market, the twins introduced their new stretch mark cream, Stretchy!

What separates Stretchy! from other stretch mark creams is that it is all plant based. It’s a vegan cream made from healing oils like argan and tamanu.

The plant oils combine with cocoa butter, vitamin E, and aloe vera to effectively remove stretch marks. The twins price the cream at a very affordable $17.99, so that anyone can afford it.

Stretchy! works best if applied twice a day. The product has never been tested at all on animals ever! It is designed to sooth skin irritations, while moisturizing the skin completely. By doing this, stretch marks should be reduced or disappear completely.

Another stretch mark cream that is getting major use from celebrities, is Bio-Oil. Kim Kardashian, former Spice Girl Mel B, and British model Jourdan Dunn have used Bio-Oil, and all rave about it.

Bio Oil helps prevent stretch marks before they even happen. Kardashian applies the oil around her eyes to even get rid of wrinkles, as well as applying it to prevent stretch marks.

Bio-Oil is surprisingly very affordable, retailing at only $8.99. Bio-Oil consists of natural herbal oils mixed together. It’s main ingredient is PurCellin Oil, which contains lavender and chamomile, and is completely devoid of all grease.

Bio-Oil is all about preventing stretch marks before birth. By applying it to the belly, it is highly likely that there will be no stretch marks whatsoever. Even superstar actress Sienna Miller has jumped aboard the Bio-Oil train.

Many celebrities have tweeted about their love for Bio-Oil. Lead singer of the Saturdays, Rochelle Humes is expecting her first child, and tweeted that “Bio-Oil and I have a really good relationship.”

Mel B has used Bio-Oil to get rid of pregnancy stretchmarks as well as to remove surgery scars. Bio-Oil appears to be one powerful healing cream, for marks and scars.

Other notable celebrities who have jumped on the Bio-Oil train are singer Kym Marsh and actress Alison King.

Young British model, Jourdan Dunn, who recently became a mother found herself rubbing Bio-Oil “all over my body, morning, noon, and night.

creamBio-Oil seems to have the most celebrity endorsements for removing stretch marks on the market.

Miranda Kerr, the beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel, who recently gave birth has a different secret for preventing stretch marks.

Her secret is rosehip oil. In fact Kerr started her own skincare line, named KORA Organics, to help first time mom’s with their skin issues.

Kerr’s own product, which she used to not have a single stretch mark, was KORA Organics Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil.

The oil of course contains rosehip oil, as well as vitamin E, pomegranate oil, jojoba oil, and Noni fruit. All the ingredients in the body oil are all natural, and work together to hydrate the skin.

Despite Kerr having a ten pound baby, the Rosehip body oil prevented her from having one single stretch mark. The key to the rosehip oil being effective is the oil itself, as well as it having vitamin E in it.

Products with vitamin E work much better for removing stretch marks, than products such as cocoa butter.

As we have learned in this article, there are many products that celebrities use to prevent stretch marks while pregnant. Bio-Oil seems to be the favorite of most celebrities, including famous mom of North, Kim Kardashian.

The other popular stretch mark creams on the market appear to be made of very natural ingredients, such as the Mowry Twin’s Stretchy!, and Miranda Kerr’s Rosehip Body Oil.

Both Stretchy! and KORA Organics Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil both contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E seems to be a main natural ingredient, that helps get rid of stretch marks. In studies, Vitamin E is far more effective at getting rid of stretch marks than Cocoa Butter.

No matter what stretch mark cream you ultimately decide on, it would be wise to go with one of these stretch mark creams made from natural oils and ingredients.

Bio-Oil, Stretchy!, and Rosehip Body Oil are all made with very natural ingredients, that should be safe for you and your baby. Plus these natural ingredients are better for the environment.