remove stretchmarks nowIn the world we live in, people want perfection. Bosses want perfection from their employees, husbands want trophy wives, and even females want that perfect body with flawless skin. But, what if Mother Nature has been unkind to you and gifted you with those unsightly lines around your body? Yes, stretchmarks. They are almost everyone’s problems whether one is fat or even skinny. There are now proven ways on how to effectively remove stretchmarks and regain your confidence anew to face the world even naked. The following are some tips on some of the things you can get done to make sure these stretchmarks become a thing of your past.

Getting Under The Knife To Remove Stretchmarks

One of the most proven ways to get them gone from your skin is to just get them surgically out. Cosmetic surgery is the best way, albeit the most expensive to get these unsightly lines out of the key areas in your body. There is a high percentage of them being faded away and you will only see faint scars where these stretchmarks used to be. In cosmetic surgery, the latest technology to use to get rid of stretch marks is laser surgery. In this type of surgery, a beam of light is passed over the stretchmarks in hopes of them being diminished. This is a rather expensive form of surgery and should only be an option if you really have bad stretchmarks and your self-image is suffering because of it. Talk with your dermatologist and surgeon as to the negative reactions that may arise from this.

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Creams and Lotions For Your Stretchmarks

There are hundreds of creams and lotions that promise to remove your stretchmarks. You have to be careful as to what ingredients these products have because some of them may be too harsh for the condition of your skin. Check the labels and see the first ingredients and bring it up with your doctor. A majority of these creams and lotions will really just lighten the scars of these stretchmarks but will really not get them removed as stretchmarks are still hereditary.


Balancing Your Weight and Fluid Intake

Actually, one of the most effective ways to remove them is controlling your weight and increasing your fluid intake. By having more fluids in your system, you will remove toxins and flush them out of your system which will benefit your body as a whole. The less dehydrated skin is, the more supple and avoidable getting stretchmarks will be.