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Will Stretch Mark Creams Work on Old Stretch Marks?

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Stretch marks are a side-effect of sudden weight gain or growth. It is common for people to get stretch marks during puberty, and they can also be caused by pregnancy. Men and women who yo-yo diet are at risk of getting stretch marks too because of the rapid changes in size associated with their dieting.

Pregnancy stretch marksAs you gain or lose weight your skin has to adapt to your new size. Gaining weight rapidly places stress on the elastin and collagen in your skin, and when the elastin fibers break down this causes the discoloration and the indentations that are associated with stretch marks.

It is possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks with pro-active care, and post-pregnancy many women embark on a skin-care regimen that can help to make the stretch marks fade quickly. However, it is more difficult to get rid of stretch marks that are much older.

Treating Old Stretch Marks

While it is difficult to get rid of old stretch marks, it is not impossible. The simple remedies such as using cocoa butter that are recommended for fresh stretch marks are not usually effective on stretch marks that are several years old. If you got stretch marks during puberty but did not realise that they were treatable, then you will need to try slightly more aggressive ways of getting rid of them now.

The first thing that you should try is moisturizing. You probably already moisturize your face and hands, but do you take care of the area where the stretch marks are? If not, start applying a hypo-allergenic moisturizer which contains aloe vera. The anti-oxidants in the aloe vera will help to encourage your skin to repair itself.

retin-a creamIn addition to moisturizing, it is a good idea to use a product such as Retin-A to treat your stretch marks. Retin-A and other products which contain retinoic acid are not recommended for people who are pregnant or nursing, because there is the risk of the product causing birth defects.

However, if you are not pregnant and are not planning on getting pregnant in the near future then this is a good option. Retin-A helps to boost collagen production and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but it is only marginally effective on older stretch marks.

If your stretch marks are minor and the discoloration is not severe then Retin-A may do the trick. Adding Glycolic acid to your Retin-A based treatment regimen may help to increase the effectiveness of this topical treatment.

For more severe stretch marks, consider a treatment such as Lextrin. This cream is FDA registered and contains a mucture of hyarolunic acid, centella asiatica and thuja occidentalis. These ingredients can help to reduce the appearance of even severe stretch marks in just a few weeks.  Again, avoid this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

For those who are looking for a more natural treatment, Vitamin E oil is a good choice. This treatment works best if the vitamin E oil is applied to the skin via a carrier lotion such as an unscented moisturizer.

Other Options

laser treatmentIf creams and lotions are not strong enough to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, consider trying some slightly more aggressive treatments. One option is laser treatments. Laser therapy for stretch marks is a relatively new idea but it is one that has proven to be incredibly effective. The laser breaks down the damaged tissue and then the body’s natural healing response replaces it with fresh, healthy collagen.

There are many companies offering laser treatment. Do some research on the type of laser that they use and make sure that they are fully trained in how to treat stretch marks. Laser therapy for stretch marks is not the same as laser treatments for tattoo removal or hair removal.

If the wrong laser is used or if the person operating the laser is not properly trained then you could end up disfigured. However, in the right hands laser therapy can be an incredibly fast and effective way of getting rid of even the most prominent of stretch marks for good.

Whatever treatment you choose, be sure to be patient and finish the entire treatment. Many people go for one session, or use one tub of a new stretch mark removal cream and then give up if they do not see instant results. All stretch mark treatments are simply ways of helping the human body heal itself, and you need to give your body’s natural response time to work. It can take three months or more or more for creams to show results, but it is worth sticking with the treatment because once it has worked, if you maintain a healthy weight so that your skin does not stretch again, you will find that the stretch marks are gone for good.